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 Where in the World is Dartmouth-Hitchcock
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Before she scored gold at the Vancouver Olympics, freestyle skier Hannah Kearney got her ACL repaired at DHMC.

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Dartmouth's illustrious C. Everett Koop was inducted as an honorary fellow in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

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DMS's robust affiliation with a "sister" medical school in Tanzania dates back to a TB vaccine trial that began in 2000.

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For an employee of the DHMC ER, a climbing trip to Mexico has turned into a major, ongoing medical mission.

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A practical guide to health-care work in Ghana, and other African countries, has been coedited by a DMS faculty member.

China thumbnail

Chair of Medicine Murray Korc traveled to China in July to accept an award from the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology.

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DMS student Nick Ellis founded a nonprofit that's sent hundreds of U.S. college students to Peru, Ecuador, and Panama.

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Since the end of the Bosnian conflict, DMS has been helping to rebuild Kosovo's devastated medical system.

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RICE is an acronym that has two meanings in the context of a DMS faculty member's long-term commitment to Vietnam.

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Dartmouth has marshaled $1.5 million, 40 tons of supplies, and 39 health professionals for Haitian earthquake relief.

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Zambia was one of six African nations where a DMS faculty member tested an AIDS regimen now recommended by the WHO.

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A graduate of Dartmouth's health-policy Ph.D. program is an up-and-coming academician at a university Down Under.

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D-H's internationally recognized epilepsy center has been supporting Uruguayan epilepsy specialists for over a decade.

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Upon returning from war zones like Afghanistan, soldiers often need a helping hand; they're getting it through a DMS-led national study.

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Decades of Dartmouth cross-disciplinary research is the basis of a drug being readied for market by a Japanese firm.