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Creative Arts Program

At DHMC, we believe that experiencing visual art, literary arts and music can be therapeutic and contribute to a person's sense of well-being.

Patient with painting

Our Creative Arts Program offers one-on-one experiences for adult patients in the hospital, infusion suites and waiting areas with our Visual Artist, Literary Artist and Therapeutic Harpist.

To schedule a visit from one of our Creative Arts Specialists, please call (603) 650-8930. Although our staff is only available for limited hours, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Gottesman painting

My Prayer For Healing

There is an infinite intelligence that inhabits everything that exists.
This great intelligence exists within me in the form of my subconscious mind.
This is my direct link
to Boundless Source,
to A Greater Power,
to Source Energy,
to God,
to All There Is.

Nicky Corrao
Thetford Center, VT
February 2010

Visual artist

Chris Henderson with patient

Explore with paint, pencil, color and texture. Using your hands to create can feel uplifting, playful, and soothing. Chris Henderson works with patients on their artistic journey in the Infusion Suite or on the inpatient cancer unit. Chris can help you find your own place of expression. No previous art experience is needed.

Literary artist

Marv and patient

Marv Klassen-Landis brings more that 20 years of experience teaching in the literary arts to the Creative Arts Program. He offers patients and their families the opportunity to write poetry, prose or letters, or to listen as Marv reads to them. People are often surprised by the power of their own words when transcribed by Marv.

Learn more about the collection and read selected patient-written works.

Therapeutic harpist


Margaret Stephens, a Certified Harp Practitioner, uses music to meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of patients and their families in outpatient areas of the cancer center and at the bedside of inpatients. While playing her 23-string harp, Margaret creates a "cradle of sound" to support for the individual's journey of healing (wholeness) and growth

"I was most fortunate to hear the lovely harpist perform in the oncology waiting room during my initial oncology visit. Her music provided a feeling of serenity at a time when I was feeling most anxious. I am always hopeful that I will encounter her during each of my ongoing oncology visits."

Other art opportunities



Art-to-Go packs were developed for patients who would like an art activity during the days when the Visual Artist is not available. They are also distributed to the family waiting areas, such as the Surgery and the Critical Care waiting rooms. A variety of art supplies are offered; the collage and mandala art packs include blank greeting cards, and the stained-glass packs have colored film that can be used on windows or the clear "frame" supplied. To request a pack, please call (603) 650-7056.

Stairwell art

Stairwell art

If you're inclined to use the stairs rather than the elevators (and we hope you are!), you may discover a number of murals painted on the landing walls by Kim Wenger and Kathy Parsonnet. This is part of the Employee Health Improvement Program's initiative to encourage daily exercise.

The Creative Arts Program is a collaboration between DHMC Arts, The Norris Cotton Cancer Center Support Services, and the Palliative Care Program. It receives support from the Friends of NCCC, Hypertherm, The Gertrude Mertens Arts Endowment Fund, Ben Schore and other private donors.

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