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Video Series THE DOCTOR IS IN and CancerStory

THE DOCTOR IS IN, an award-winning television series was produced by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) and NH Public Television.  The program is no longer being produced, but the programs that remain in circulation are still considered relevant, up-do-date, and helpful. They provide important medical information presented in a format you can absorb.

In CANCERSTORY, viewers learn about some of the early discoveries in cancer research, and how cancer is identified and monitored. The programs describe how cancer develops and grows, show new treatments, present a close-up view of the excitement of 21st century research, and offer important information on cancer prevention and screening.

For more information about this series, to order a copy or get additional resources on cancer call (603) 650-6561 or email creative.video.productions@hitchcock.org

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