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CHaD Inpatient Unit Revitalization

In the two decades since the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock opened its inpatient unit, health care has evolved dramatically, as have best practices for caring for children. Yet, the unit’s layout and design have remained largely the same. Caregivers—and most importantly patients and families staying on the unit—deserve a space that supports the highest standards of care.

A beautiful and flexible play area

A beautiful and flexible play area will occupy the center of the unit. Upgrades include sliding doors, a dishwasher to sterilize toys, and movable storage units to accommodate activities led by child-life specialists.

Nursing stations located close to patients' rooms

Nursing stations located close to patients' rooms will make it easier for nurses to respond quickly to patients' needs and access supplies.

An inviting meet-and-greet station

An inviting meet-and-greet station marks the entrance to the unit. Rubberized flooring will provide a comfortable, durable, and easy-to-clean surface.

Fundraising to support the CHaD inpatient unit revitalization is underway. To make a gift to this important project, contact Carol Olwert by phone at (603) 653-0723 or email at

The inpatient unit revitalization is the culmination of five years of planning on the part of patients’ families, doctors, nurses, child life specialists, administrators, and staff. Renovations are underway and will occur in stages so the unit can remain open. Above are a few preliminary architectural renderings. (Colors, furniture, and aesthetic features in these renderings are conceptual.)

When the renovations are complete, CHaD providers will have a physical space that facilitates Team Care—care that is highly coordinated and empowers every member of the care team, especially patients and families, to share information and decision-making.

A gift in support of this project is a gift to every young patient who needs the expert care available on CHaD’s inpatient unit.

The revitalized inpatient unit will . . .

. . . improve safety and efficiency

  • Multiple nursing stations, located close to patients’ rooms, will allow nurses to be more accessible and have common supplies nearby.
  • Medication and nutrition supplies will be integrated into one central location to promote safety and efficiency.
  • Computer workstations in every room will facilitate updating of patient records, barcode scanning of medications, and eliminate the need for cumbersome mobile laptop carts.
  • New rubberized flooring will provide a comfortable and easy-to-clean surface.

. . . enhance the patient and family experience

  • Because play is so important for healing, a beautiful play area will occupy the center of the unit and connect to a new teen lounge. The room will include a dishwasher to sterilize toys and movable storage units to accommodate activities led by CHaD’s child life specialists.
  • A comfortable family lounge with a full kitchen, computer access, and natural daylight will give families a place to rest and recharge without leaving the unit.
  • Patients’ rooms will be outfitted with new furniture and features with ample space for personal belongings, making the rooms more comfortable for family members.

. . . and promote Team Care and collaboration.

  • A team workroom for physicians, social workers, nutritionists, and other specialists will facilitate collaboration and communication among caregivers while minimizing distractions at the nursing stations.
  • Just outside the unit, a small conference room will give a private space for staff and various interdisciplinary teams to discuss patients' care.

For more information about supporting the CHaD Inpatient Unit Revitalization, please contact:

Carol Olwert
Associate Director
Office of Development
Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the Geisel School of Medicine
(603) 653-0723/

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