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Transgender Clinic

Director: John H. Turco, M.D.
Phone: (603) 650-8630
Fax: (603) 650-2240

Delia Cimpean, MD, General Internal Medicine
Heather N. Hersh, PsyD, Psychology
John H. Turco, M.D., Endocrinlogy

DHMC's Transgender Clinic offers multidisciplinary health care to patients seeking hormonal and/or surgical reassignment of gender. Appointments are made on an individual basis, and specialists meet to coordinate care when indicated.

The Transgender Clinic's services include:

  • Initiation and monitoring of hormonal reassignment of gender, done in coordination with other supporting medical professionals
  • Primary medical care in preparation for sexual reassignment surgery
  • Referrals to medical institutions that offer sexual reassignment surgery
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