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Meet Our Team

Dale C. Vidal, MD

Medical Director

Dale C. Vidal, MD, serves as the Center's medical director. Dr. Vidal is also professor of surgery at The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and chief of the Section of Plastic Surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. She has used the principles of shared decision making in her treatment of patients with breast cancer for many years and is actively involved in planning and implementing strategies that provide models for linking research and clinical practice in informed choice.

Susan Z. Berg, MS, CGC

Program Director

Susan Z. Berg, MS, CGC, joined the Center in 2006 after over 20 years of experience as a genetic counselor, working with patients and families faced with difficult decisions. She provides program oversight and collaborates with DHMC caregivers, administrators and staff to integrate informed choice tools and processes into clinical settings. She also meets with patients for decision support counseling.

Martha Travis-Cook

Senior Clinical Secretary

Martha Travis-Cook joined the Center in 2006 after several years as the Clinical Secretary for the Department of Medical Genetics. She is the first person to greet patients, clinicians, and visitors at the Center. She ensures patients receive the decision support tools prescribed by their clinician and plays an integral role in the clinical and research activities of the Center. She is also a certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and had her own practice(s) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Health Coaches

Our health coaches provide decision support counseling for patients facing a health care decision, provide patient engagement interventions for those with chronic conditions, and assist in the development and implementation of shared decision making processes.

Inger Imset

Inger Imset, BA joined the Center in 2013 after 16 years with the Geisel School of Medicine. She is passionate about utilizing the process of shared decision making to enhance the patient-clinician relationship. Her experience includes collaborating with investigators on grants to facilitate enhanced physician, patient and student learning. Her other roles include: Project Coordinator in the Community and Family Medicine department (teaching shared decision making to the Geisel School of Medicine third year class), and Research Analyst at the Center for Program and Design and Evaluation.

Belinda Ray

Belinda Ray, MA, joined the Center as a Health Coach in 2013 after having worked as a behavioral health care clinician and administrator for over 25 years in settings that have included private practice, community mental health, acute inpatient and academic outpatient psychiatry. Most recently, she coordinated the Craniofacial Anomalies Clinic at Dartmouth Hitchcock. Her focus as a health coach is on activating patients to participate fully in their own care from a strength-based approach.

Andrea Z-Covey

Andrea Z-Covey, MS joined the Center in March 2014 after several years of working as a non-clinical Patient Care Coordinator in Wells River, VT. She also worked for the Vermont Blueprint for Health as an Outreach & Education Specialist in the Upper Valley Health Service Area. Facilitating groups in the community for people living with chronic conditions and their caregivers, as well as providing group and individual tobacco cessation coaching, was her main focus. Andrea enjoys supporting patients as they create goals to become effective self-managers of their health.

Alyssa Stevens

Administrative Supervisor

Alyssa S. Stevens, BS, joined the Center for Shared Decision Making in 2006. She has worked on research studies conducted by the Center and provides administrative support.

Nandini Choudury

Clinical Secretary

Nandini S. Choudhury, BA, joined the Center for Shared Decision Making in 2014. She recently worked on research projects related to Shared Decision Making at ivyMD a Dartmouth –Hitchcock telemedicine company. She is a member of the Center's Patient Support Corps (PSC) team and also provides support to the clinical and research activities of the Center.

Research Associate

Stephen Kearing MS has worked since 2003 to develop and maintain database support of shared decision making projects at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. His interests include managing the design, development and maintenance of systems for data capture, quality control and statistical analysis, as well as automated and customized reporting.

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