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Brain MRIs and Imaging

A regular brain MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or neuroimaging helps to improve the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple sclerosis.

Patients are seen in our state-of-the-art facilities located on the third floor of the medical center. You may park in the parking garage and then take the elevator down to 3Z reception (PDF) in the medical center.

How often do patients have MRIs?

Registered patients usually have a brain MRI once a year. In cases of patients who remain stable for more than two consecutive years, we often consider extending the interval between MRI scans. For patients starting a new immunotherapy, a follow-up scan will be scheduled within the year of treatment.

Why do patients receive intravenous dye when they have scans?

The dye is used to help determine how recently the patient has had a symptom-free MS attack. It allows the clinician to see the affected area of the brain more clearly.

What about cervical-spine scans?

Cervical spine (or C-spine) scans are usually done when patients are diagnosed and are also performed periodically as their clinician recommends, based on examinations and medical history.

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