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MS Neuroimaging Research

The Brain Imaging Lab and Multiple Sclerosis Center at DHMC have been collaborating for many years on MRI studies to learn more about MS.

We very much encourage MS patients to contact us in order to take part in these studies.

For more information about the research studies below or if you would like to participate, please contact Susan Cronenwett at (603) 650-8706 or at susan.cronenwett@dartmouth.edu. You can also contact Jennifer Randolph at (603) 650-2665 or at jennifer.randolph@dartmouth.edu.

Studies that are actively recruiting

Advanced neuroimaging in MS

This is a study using advanced neuroimaging techniques like functional MRI and diffusion tensor imaging to learn more about the effects of MS in the brain. A major focus of this work is on compensatory or adaptive responses the brain makes in response to MS.

Betaseron imaging study

This study is for patients who are about to start treatment with Betaseron. We are studying patients before treatment and again after one year of treatment to learn how Betaseron affects cognition and brain activity.

MS genotype research

We have several studies designed to identify genes that influence the course of MS as measured using neuroimaging.We are also examining genes that may influence response to treatment.

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