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D-H Concussion Workshops Offer Athlete Testing, Guidance

January 17, 2012
Lebanon, NH

Michael Sparks, MD

Michael Sparks, MD

Dartmouth-Hitchcock's team of sports-medicine practitioners is inviting athletes ages 11 to 65, as well as parents, coaches, and trainers of athletes, to workshops that will include tests and guidance to prepare athletes for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of concussions.

The workshops, which the Upper Valley Sports Education Foundation is co-sponsoring, will take place in Auditoriums A and B at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) on February 25 (one-hour sessions starting at 8, 9, and 10 a.m.) and February 28 (one-hour sessions starting at 5, 6, and 7 p.m.). Registration, required by February 24, is limited to 10 athletes per concussion-testing session and 20 questioners per education session. To sign up, call (603) 650-8867 or send an e-mail to sports@hitchcock.org

At each session, athletes for $15 apiece can undergo testing of their "baseline" cognitive conditions, to come up with scores that will go into their medical records and make it easier for their doctors to diagnose future concussions and provide appropriate guidance for treatment. Meanwhile, a panel of experts will answer questions from parents, coaches, trainers and athletes, in sessions that are free of charge.

"Sports-related concussions have become a public-health concern," says Michael Sparks, MD, leader of the Sports Medicine division and director of the sports-concussion program. "Education is the key to prevention and treatment. Baseline testing allows us the opportunity to appropriately evaluate student athletes and help them return to learning and playing."

The panel of experts includes physical therapists David Edson and Dawna Pidgeon from D-H's division of rehabilitation medicine; physicians Kristine Karlson, MD, and Keith Loud, MD, and certified athletic trainer Deborah Wood from D-H Sports Medicine; and BE Fit physical therapists Eric Ellingson and Dave Barlow.

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