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Lupron Instructions for IVF

Lupron® is given subcutaneously (beneath the skin) and will be injected at a designated time if you are using birth control pills as part of your cycle preparation.

A full (20 units) dose is taken daily each morning. After 10 days you will reduce the dose to 10 units. Only use the orange-tipped syringe for injecting Lupron.

  • Take this medication the same time each day.
  • You should take your Lupron injection in the morning. Choose a convenient time between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and then stay with that time, not varying by more than half an hour.
  • Keep each unopened vial refrigerated until ready to use.
  • Keep all Lupron vials refrigerated.
  • Remember that an open Lupron vial is good only for this cycle.
  • Discard any remaining Lupron at the end of each cycle.

Injection technique

A full dose = 20 IU
A half dose = 10 IU

  1. Pull air into syringe to the level of 20 IU.
  2. Inject air into the Lupron bottle.
  3. Turn bottle upside down with needle still in rubber dome.
  4. Pull back plunger hard and quick to level of 20 (You may overfill and then push back to level of 20 to get the air bubbles out).
  5. Turn bottle upright and withdraw needle.
  6. Flick syringe to remove air bubbles.
  7. Prepare area. You should rotate sites.
  8. Hold syringe perpendicular (45 degree angle) to skin and insert entire needle.
  9. Inject medicine, withdraw needle and apply pressure.

Possible side effects

Lupron is a medication which shuts down production of some of your female hormones and causes a menopausal-like state. The side effects you may experience include: hot flashes, frontal headaches, and mood swings.

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