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About the Parkinson's Center

The Parkinson's Center is here to provide information, materials, and programs to help Parkinson's patients and their care partners manage their everyday lives and serve as a resource when they have questions or concerns.

In addition, the Parkinson's Center:

  • Enhances the quality of life for people with Parkinson's and their care partners by providing:
    • Resources for regional support group meetings
    • Referrals to regional physicians, allied health professionals, home care agencies, and other resources
    • Information on current therapies and research programs
  • Increases public awareness and education on Parkinson's by providing:
    • Free informational pamphlets and booklets
    • Lending library with books, videos, and DVDs
    • Newsletters
    • Educational symposia

Diane L. Sherman, PhD is the Coordinator of the Parkinson's Center. For more information about The Parkinson's Center at DHMC, please contact Diane L. Sherman at (603) 653-6672 or email Diane.L.Sherman@hitchcock.org.

Stephen Lee, MD, PhD and Mary Feldman, DO are the medical expertise behind the Parkinson's Center. If you are an established patient with Dr. Lee or Feldman, please phone (603) 650-5104 to make an appointment. If you are a new patient, kindly have your primary care physician fax a referral stating, "Referral to Neurology - Parkinson's disease," as well as relevant medical records, to the Neurology Department at FAX (603) 653-1273.


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