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DHMC Construction Update: Williamson Translational Research Building

DHMC Construction Update: Williamson Translational Research Building

Beginning Monday, April 7, 2014, the glass corridor to the Borwell Building, the cancer center and Auditoria E, F and G will be closed, as construction of the new mall connecting the Williamson Translational Research Building with the main Medical Center begins.

The glass corridor will be closed for approximately 15 months, through June 2015, to allow for the completion of the new mall that will connect the South Mall and the Williamson Building, and to ensure the safety of employees, volunteers and visitors to the medical center.

Look for Detour Signs

Detour signs and related information will be placed at key locations throughout the medical center to help direct people to where they need to go. Follow the suggested detour routes, which use Level 2 to connect the main building to Borwell. Detour signs will also be placed to help direct people to Auditoria E, F and G.

“D-H staff and volunteers already play a key role in way finding here,” says Charlie Welch, director of Operational Services, Facilities Management. “With the construction, it will be important for all employees to become familiar with the new routes, so we can help patients and visitors who appear lost or may be confused by the changes.”

Protect Our Cancer Patients

To protect the privacy of our Norris Cotton Cancer Center patients and patients with weakened immune systems, do not use the cancer center corridors as an alternate route to get to and from the east side of the medical center. While this may be the quickest route even today, staff should never use these patient care corridors as a through-way.

Why Will it Take 15 Months?

“The mall will be part of the new Williamson Building and is serviced by utilities and life safety systems from the new building,” explains Dave Stiger, director of Project Management and Construction, Facilities Management Division. “It can’t be reopened until the new building is completed and all life safety and mechanical systems are fully commissioned. And because the mall is part of the new building, it can’t be opened until occupancy is granted by all code officials for the full building.”

“We appreciate everyone’s continued patience and support through these next 15 months,” adds Stiger.