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Digital Signs Coming to DHMC

Digital Signs Coming to DHMC

In the next several weeks, our patients, families, volunteers and staff will have something new to view at DHMC. Digital signage on large flat screen monitors will be installed in several locations throughout the medical center and will provide a new way to share wellness tips and other key information to the communities we serve. The signs will be managed by the office of Communications and Marketing.

The need for printing large quantities of expensive posters will be reduced as the messages on the signs can be updated quickly, making digital signage a cost efficient and effective way to engage our patients and families.

Displays will be located in these locations:

  • Level 2, Cafeteria (2 signs)
  • Level 3, East Mall, bulletin board near pharmacy
  • Level 3, Blood Draw (3L)
  • Level 3, ED reception
  • Level 4, Same Day reception (4W)
  • Level 4, General Surgery (4L)

Digital signage messages will be geared toward patient engagement and wellness and will incorporate the following types of information:

  • events
  • support groups
  • educational programming
  • health and wellness information such as the importance of getting a flu shot
  • new services and providers

Other messages may be used to:

  • Support quality and patient safety initiatives such as hand hygiene
  • Support clinical trial registration
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Recognize outstanding employees

Digital signage can also be used in cases of urgent messaging that needs to be communicated to broader audiences quickly. These messages might include weather/storm notifications or health related outbreaks as they occur.

A team effort

This project was successfully launched as a result of the collaboration of many departments. The Office of Communications and Marketing thanks the following people and departments for their generous support with this project:

  • Facilities Management: Gail Dahlstrom, Charlie Welch
  • IS, Data Communications/ Network Services: Bob Brentrup
  • IS Applications: Karl Huck
  • Engineering: Andrew Houghton, Jenna Gibbons, Eugene Plummer
  • Telecommunications: Jim Flynn