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Teen Guide to Upper Valley Resources

This Is YOUR Guide!

The Teen Guide to Upper Valley Resources is full of information including listings of local agencies in the greater Vermont and New Hampshire Upper Valley area, as well as state, national, and Internet resources.

The guide has been designed to help you find the people in our community who are committed to helping teens solve problems. Many of the agencies, organizations, help lines, and websites in this guide can answer your questions or direct you to other places where you can get additional, reliable information.

Some key resources include information on:

Alcohol, Child Abuse, College, Contraception, Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse, Family Planning, Finishing School, Food Issues, Gender Identity, Jobs, Legal Help, Mental Health, Money, Nutrition, Physical Health, Pregnancy, Rape, Running Away, Sex, Smoking, Spirituality, Stuff to Do, Suicide, Teen Parenting, Transportation, Volunteering.


CALL 911. It works anywhere in the Upper Valley.


Call Headrest TEENLINE, 24 hours a day, toll free: 1-800-639-6095
Local trained crisis counselors can help you with whatever's on your mind.

Helpful Pointers

When calling or emailing agencies in this guide remember:

  • Try to think through what information you need before you call or email.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need; no question is dumb. Ask until you understand.
  • Be prepared to take notes.
  • Ask if what you say will be kept confidential.
  • Ask if there is a cost involved.
  • Keep calling—it may take 2 or 3 tries until you get the help you’re looking for.

Staying Safe in Cyberspace:

The Internet can be a great source of information, as well as a place to chat with other people who may be facing similar issues. Just like in any public area, staying safe requires a little bit of planning. The most important thing to remember is that when you’re online in any kind of a public forum (chat rooms, bulletin boards, and so on) anyone can read what you post. You should never post anything on the Internet that you wouldn't want known to the public at large.

Cyberspace Chatroom Tips:

  • Keep your identity private—avoid giving out any information that would help someone figure out your actual identity (full name, phone #, etc.).
  • Never get together with someone you meet online.
  • Never respond to email, chat comments, or newsgroup messages that are hostile or make you feel uncomfortable in any way. You can just click off.
  • Talk with your parents about ground rules before going online.

Disclaimer: This website is an informational guide only; it cannot answer personal health-related questions, legal questions, or research questions.  The information presented here should not be substituted for medical, legal or other professional advice.