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About the Weight & Wellness Center

Healthy weights, lifestyles, and populations

Our Mission: To decrease the rate of obesity and obesity-related conditions in our population, and to improve the health and wellness of those individuals and their families.

Our Vision: To transform the delivery of weight and wellness interventions by creating effective and efficient care that is evidence based, is targeted for each individual, and can be disseminated across a population.

The multidisciplinary Weight & Wellness Center is committed to providing:

  • Coordinated healthcare for patients with obesity
  • Education and outreach to our communities
  • Robust clinical research in the field of obesity

Patient care programs

The Weight & Wellness Center's Healthy Living Clinic is a comprehensive, evidence-based program that promotes healthy weights, lifestyles, and a reduction of weight-related medical conditions for individuals of all ages. We offer innovative medical, surgical, and endoscopic treatments to help you execute a personalized plan to achieve your health and wellness goals.

We also have a research program and a culinary medicine program.

How the Weight & Wellness Center can help

The Weight & Wellness Center brings together experts trained in the management of obesity to address weight and related conditions for individuals of all ages and to promote healthy weights and lifestyles.

At the Weight & Wellness Center, we:

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