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Healthy Lifestyles Program

The Healthy Lifestyles Program is the cornerstone of the Weight & Wellness Center's Healthy Living Clinic. In this program, a physician-led team of specialists offers an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to the management of obesity as a chronic disease, and lifestyle coaching personalized to your needs. Your health coach is your guide and anchor in the Healthy Lifestyles Program, supporting and empowering you to make healthful and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Your personalized plan may include a "prescription" for appropriate physical activity and healthy eating, education about healthy living, and regular visits with your personal health coach, a dietician, and other members of our team. We also may recommend anti-obesity therapies such as surgery, medication, or other procedures.

We understand that it can be hard to make changes, and that ups and downs are a normal part of the process. The Healthy Lifestyles Program is your partner on this challenging but rewarding path to a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Goals of the Healthy Lifestyles Program

  • Improve your health, wellness, and quality of life
  • Discover and address each of your unmet needs
  • Assist you in achieving your goals
  • For adults, aim for a sustained weight loss of at least 5-10 percent of your current body weight
  • Empower you to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Support you in your self-management of obesity as a chronic disease
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