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Complex Cases

If you have or think you might have a number of diverse medical conditions that will require a lot of care from multiple providers, you will be best served by a hospital and physicians with extensive experience in complex cases like yours. Dartmouth-Hitchcock manages many of the most complex patient cases in New England.

An example of a complex case would be someone who has a chronic condition like diabetes or heart disease, complications like a history of falls, and mental/behavioral health issues who will need many specialists with varied treatments, health supports, medications, and follow-ups.

Case Mix Index

(Higher score is better)

  • Brigham and Women's Hospital, MA (2.2729)
  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, NH (2.2687)
  • Tufts Medical Center, MA (2.2543)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, MA (2.0602)
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MA (2.0075)
  • Hartford Hospital, CT (1.9492)
  • Boston Medical Center, MA (1.9185)
  • University of Vermont Medical Center, VT (1.9123)
  • Yale-New Haven Hospital, CT (1.8941)
  • Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, MA (1.8406)
  • UMass Memorial Medical Center, MA (1.8321)
  • Eastern Maine Medical Center, ME (1.7959)
  • Rhode Island Hospital, RI (1.7596)
  • Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, CT (1.7061)
  • Saint Vincent's Medical Center, CT (1.597)
  • Danbury Hospital, CT (1.5612)