What is Population Health?

Graphic showing population numbers in D-H employees, D-H patients, and NH and VT communities
Our efforts are focused on improving health outcomes for three populations: our people, our patients, and our communities.

Multi-disciplinary teams work to achieve improvements in support of organizational priorities and community health needs identified by health needs assessments. We also continuously seek opportunities to engage learners, providing education in the growing field of population health.

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock's Live Well/Work Well program is responsible for designing and implementing programs to improve the health and well-being of our employees and their dependents who are covered by our health plan. Nearly 14,200 employees and dependents are insured by our health plan. Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) Population Health works in partnership with Human Resources to optimize our health benefit plan, facilitate access to health care services, and provide resources for employees to optimize their health and well-being through education and classes.

D-H Population Health works with partners across the health system (which includes Dartmouth-Hitchcock and its member organizations) to optimize the delivery of health care services for our patients. Working with data analysts, information technology experts, clinical leaders, faculty, staff, operational leaders, and patients, our work seeks to design and implement models of care that eliminate unwarranted variation while making it “inescapably easy” for care providers to do the right thing. Examples of current projects include:

  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Substance Use and Mental Health Initiative: a multi-year, multi-disciplinary initiative to reduce the harm from mental health and substance use disorders for populations that receive care throughout the D-H health system
  • Diabetes Improvement Initiative: a multi-year, multi-disciplinary program to improve diabetes care for patients who receive their usual care in the D-H health system
  • Honoring Care Decisions: a program of advance care planning to ensure that every patient has a plan for a time when he/she may not be able to speak for themselves

These ambitious programs engage the talents of D-H faculty, staff, and patients across the system in the redesign of care.

D-H Population Health:

  • Works with community partners across our service areas to understand the health needs of our populations and to invest in programs and partnerships that lead to improvements in the conditions that impact health.
  • Leads or supports a wide range of programs to reduce harm from substance use disorders, including programs to prevent this disease, expand access to screening and treatment, and to create systems of support for those in recovery
  • Supports the Public Health Councils in the Upper Valley and Sullivan County, providing support for programs targeted to meet a wide-range of health needs. Community members contributing to these successes include individuals working as Partners for Community Wellness, advancing population health through philanthropy, advocacy, and engaging community partners.