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Population Health Units

These are the Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) departments and units that collectively make up the division:

Accountable Care: The U.S. health-care system has historically reimbursed providers for delivering services rather than sustaining health. D-H is working to restructure the financial incentives—to maximize covered individuals’ health, not the number of appointments or procedures—by collaborating with insurance companies to develop products such as accountable care organizations (ACOs), which deliver value-based care.

Community Health: The population health management mindset means an academic system like D-H regards private-practice doctors, community agencies, social service organizations, and public health officials as true collaborators in achieving a healthier population. Interactions among these partners are being streamlined by building seamless medical records systems and facilitating rapid communication of test results.

Employee Health: To leverage the close link between work and health, D-H is developing partnerships with employers throughout the region—operating onsite clinics for large companies and aggregating small and medium-sized employers so they, too, can affordably improve the health of their workforces. D-H also offers a wellness program for its own employees, Live Well/Work Well, which provides resources and services that encourage, educate and promote healthy lifestyles among D-H staffers.

Health Transformation: Behavior change, such as eating better or exercising more, is hard—but a highly effective way to stay well. By collaborating with community organizations and offering educational workshops, D-H’s Community Health Department is helping to teach people to take control of their own health—to set goals, track key health measures, and manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes—so they can live the healthiest life possible.

Knowledge Map: This group defines and disseminates clinical best practices. Tools developed by the team serve as foundational clinical content for D-H clinical teams as well as external care providers, including home health monitoring services and an online care management platform. The group also contributes to care model innovation through the “eConsults and Enhanced Referrals” program, which facilitates and enriches primary and specialty care collaboration.