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Follow-Up Appointments

  • 1-2 weeks post-discharge. You will return to the clinic for removal of your sutures, evaluation of your balance and facial function.  
  • 1 month post-surgery. You will have a hearing test and meet with your surgeons. If you are having balance difficulties, we will make a referral for vestibular rehabilitation.  We can also discuss return to work at this visit.  If you have remaining facial weakness or hearing loss, we will discuss treatments/aids for these conditions.  See Rehabilitation for Single Sided Hearing Loss for hearing loss treatments.
  • 3 months post-surgery. We will repeat an MRI at this visit.  We will re-evaluate your facial function, balance, and hearing.  We will discuss potential treatments as needed.  
  • 1 year post-surgery. We will repeat MRI and hearing test. We will continue yearly MRI and hearing tests for 2-3 years, then increase to every 2 years, following your Acoustic Neuroma for 5-7 years after surgery.
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