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Your First Appointment at the Acoustic Neuroma Clinic

At your first appointment, you will meet with Dr. James Saunders, Neurotologist, who leads the acoustic neuroma treatment team. You will also meet with Amber Merrill, Nurse Practitioner for the Acoustic Neuroma Clinic. Dr. Saunders will review the history of your symptoms, complete a neurotology examination, review your hearing test and MRI, and discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. We will refer you to other members of our treatment team as needed. At this visit and each visit afterward, you will be asked to complete a brief patient questionnaire.

What you need for your first appointment:

  • A CD of your most recent MRI. You may also have this sent to us electronically.
  • Any prior hearing tests, including the most recent hearing test.

If you have films or hearing tests sent to us, please call Tina Wood to confirm they are received: (603) 650-9763.

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