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How Did We Get Here?

By Worthy Level Chrysty

Created as a part of the Aging Resource Center memoir-writing class.

In the ocean, by my way, lies a lady, a mermaid who with fish eyes, is always staring up at all those who pass by. Some do dip in for a swim or a lazy float. What they do not know is, it is she who holds them up by the power of the dense saltiness of her fluid skin. So, with those trusting her, she bothers not. She searches only for those who are shy, timid, and in fear of her emerald silkiness near shores and dense darkness beyond the blue. As she sees them, she weaves her charm by singing to them, transiently calling them into her, hypnotically. Those, easily caught by her, draw back with fear and trembling while she laughs at their discipline. Sometimes, however, the few, due to alcohol or the dread of living among their kind, succumb to her witty schemes and are transferred to other shores belly down.

Love is, like the sea, always beckoning you to enjoy its flavors for without it, life would not exist. Love will intoxicate you to live a life filled with memories of the past while each day fill your cup to the brim if you accept it. The future remains promising clear only if you embrace its presence now. While in love, you are inebriated with the scent of charlotte wine.

While we are searching for love, it is not always obviously in the open, but it is never in the dark. It is the unexpected meeting of a face, a personality, a kind gesture that stirs in you to recognize it presence, like the change that comes about when salt in the air directs your nose to the ocean. Love is like that open sea that invites you to play and will rock you gently to float on top of her as a child in the clasp of its mother. You are slowly adrift, deeper into the heart of its open vastness. The sun does not help for its position in the sky remains neutral to all that happens under its heat. If there is an unfamiliar sound, a shouting voice, a passing boat, the sudden rise of a submarine, the splashing sound of a whale’s tail, the gentle nudge of a dolphin’s nose, then you will be awaken to wonder, in panic, you will look about in fear. How did I get here? Covering yourself with tranquility helps in moments like these, as you search for the direction home.

How did we get here, how did you get here? It is with one word spoken at a time; it is one step at a time. We are closer that when we first started. We are closer than when we first saw each other with no intention of going into the water. The fear of drowning kept us on dry land amidst the sands of a thousand faces. Love knew we needed love and without our asking for it, we were swept away to this place and time.

You asked how we got here? It was not by boat for we are both wet and salty. On our feet we are standing waist deep in joy and tears and uncertain fears, but here we are. The course of the sea has embraced us far from distance shores where we drifted here never to part.

I am still languishing in the wake of our first embrace.

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