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Summer Flowers In This Section


By Virginia Moore

Created as a part of the Aging Resource Center memoir-writing class.

This summer was so very hot. The trees, plants, flowers were just so green and thick and lush. It was green and lush where I don’t ever remember it even being just green. Vines were growing up trees and telephone poles and wires. Vines were even growing up and around the guardrails near roads. Vines were growing on and up my stonewall. That has never happened before. It was like Mother Nature was on steroids.

Then slowly all the greenery and leaves started changing colors. In a week or two the leaves were yellow, red, and orange. Mother Nature was giving one last hoo-rah before stopping her steroids. The view all around and in the mountains was just beautiful, like an artist’s palette. It was like watching God work more miracles. Reminding us that He is here with us still, giving us a peaceful and hopeful feeling.

Now we watch these beautiful, colorful leaves dropping to the ground. Some still clinging to the tree, not wanting it to end. It makes me feel that something big has come to an end. I see all these leaves laying on the ground as if they just couldn’t hold on any longer.

I somehow connect all of this to my growing older. I believe our lives have season, too. I like the falling leaves. I just have to live each day as best I can and let Mother Nature do her thing. After all, I am just one of the leaves hanging on to the tree of life as best and as strong as I can.

I end this with my favorite fall saying: “The trees are showing us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.”

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