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Mindfulness for Wellness

This four-part series presents mindfulness practice – the practice of turning our attention to the present moment, while noticing the inclination to judge our experience. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the mindfulness exercises that are part of class and to share tips for increasing mindfulness in their daily lives.

See our events listings for dates and times of the next Mindfulness for Wellness class.

Here are some of the comments from previous participants:

I find myself able to be much more mindful more often in my everyday activities and actions.

I am mindful of mindfulness. I also realize that after something upsetting happens, I can acknowledge it and continue forward.

The one change that I will use in every day is to put hand cream on my hands, and while putting the hand cream on will take time to notice how it feels giving me peace and relaxation.

Helped me to appreciate various aspects of my life instead of just "doing."

I will be more aware of my daily activities such as eating or hygiene instead of just listening to my roof brain chatter in order to appreciate my life.

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