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Anticoagulation Clinic Team

Specialty nursing teams work with your PCP (Primary Care Physician) or specialists from Cardiovascular Medicine or Orthopaedics to manage your anticoagulation therapy.

Program leadership

Anticoagulation Clinic providers

  • Sundi L. Cantlin, RN (Lebanon - Orthopaedics)
  • Alex Daniels, LPN (Concord)
  • Diane Fuller, RN-BC (Nashua)
  • Zachary Fuller, RN (Concord)
  • Kathleen Gagnon, LPN (Lebanon - Cardiology)
  • Kristina Graham, RN (Lebanon - Primary Care)
  • Michelle Hamilton, RN (Manchester)
  • Dave Lacoste, RPh (Keene)
  • Martha Manning-Brown, RN (Lebanon - Primary Care)
  • Joanne McLaughlin, RN (Nashua)
  • Bridgette Mignogna, RN (Lebanon - Orthopaedics)
  • June Mignogna, RN (Lebanon - Orthopaedics)
  • Jaymie Miller, RN (Keene)
  • Alesha Paradis, LPN
  • Sarah Sabalewski, Secretary (Lebanon - Primary Care)
  • Diane Selder, RN
  • Louella Snide, RN (Lebanon - Orthopaedics)
  • David Southard, RN (Concord)
  • Andy Tremblay, MD (Keene)
  • Mary Tremblay, RN (Keene)
  • Kristen Walker, RN (Keene)
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