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Take a Walking Tour

Take one of our suggested walking tours of the art at DHMC. Details from the artwork you will see are below.

From the Faulkner Building
From the Main Rotunda

You may also download this tour as a PDF.

From The Faulkner Building

Martin image

Begin your tour at the South Information Desk on level 4. Directly behind the desk there is a 10-part photograph by Bruce Martin of Boston. Entitled Kancamagus Pass, Martin captures the tranquility of this well-known vista.

Kahn image

To the left of the information desk, directly across from the Parking Garage entrance, Bright Exuberance, a vibrant pastel by Wolf Kahn, serves as a warm welcome to visitors.

Kennedy image

Walk back towards the lobby and the mall. On your right, you will find two untitled works by Ellen Mears Kennedy in handmade paper. Notice how the design shifts and moves as you walk by.

MacDonald image

Take the main stairs or the lobby elevator down to level 3. On the lobby walls, two ceramic tile panels, Sunrise and Sunset, are installed. The artist, Elizabeth MacDonald, makes each tile by hand, pressing pure pigment into the wet terracotta.

Thibeault image

On the wall to the left of the elevator, the mixed-media installation by Peter Thibeault entitled Granite Statement combines natural materials found in New Hampshire. To the left of this sculpture, you will find the entrance to the clinics.

Mitchell image

Walk down this hallway until you get to the large oil painting across from the stairs. In this work, Spring Waterway, Petria Mitchell celebrates the beauty of the Upper Valley as it emerges from a long winter.

Aho image

Take the stairs or elevator up to level 4. Across from the stairs is another large painting. Big Pale Yellow, by Vermont artist Eric Aho, captures another familiar scene??mist rising off the river as it winds through the valley.

Smith image

Next, take the elevator or stairs up one more flight, to level 5. Clifford Smith??s Summer Fog II recalls the tranquility of early mornings on the water, with the sun casting pinks tones onto the fog.

Rolstad image

Now, turn around and look up! The two-story suspended sculpture in the atrium was designed by Seattle artist Koryn Rolstad specifically for this space. Crafted from aluminum and wire mesh, it recalls the artist Henri Matisse's cutouts, hence its name, Matisse Leaves.

To end your tour, take the elevator or stairs to level 6. This is the CHaD Outpatient Center. Many wonderful works of art create a welcoming environment for our youngest patients. As you walk through the clinic waiting areas towards the elevators, the captivating LifeTiles by Rufus Butler Seder seem to come alive as you pass by.

From The Main Rotunda

From the Main Rotunda, you can enjoy a changing exhibition located in the glass cases to the left of the main entrance. Now, turn around and walk down the corridor towards the clinic waiting areas areas and the East Mall. When you come to a mini-rotunda, look up! You will see The Tile Project - a collaboration among the community, patients, staff and a former visiting artist, Emile Birch.

Continue down the corridor until you reach the East Mall. Take a left and walk towards the Emergency Department entrance. The set of five prints located at the end of the mall were created by Amparo Carvajal-Hufschmid using a woodblock process. The incredibly rich texture of these works is based on the wood grain found on old barns.

Sardonis image

Take the elevators up to level 4. As you approach the East Mall, you will find a granite sculpture on your left entitled Owls. This work is by Jim Sardonis, an artist known for his portrayal of animals in family groups.

Return to the elevators. Notice the picture of the barn hanging in between them. The Long Barn by Margaret Lampe Kannenstine was produced using a monotype process whereby acrylic is painted onto a plexiglass plate and then transferred to paper, resulting in a one-of-a-kind image.

Trump image

Now, take the elevator or stairs up to level 5. On the back wall, next to the conference room, you will see Doug Trump's Allowance, an oil painting on canvas, which does not depict a particular scene or object.

ONeil image

To end your tour, walk back down the mall. When you reach the elevators, take them to level 2. In the lobby, Flora, Fauna, Aqua by the artist Nancy Gutkin O'Neil, illuminates the space. O'Neil uses many techniques, including silkscreening, etching and handpainting on glass in her work. See how many different plants and animals you can find.

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