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Preventing Falls

Most falls occur when patients try to get out of bed on their own, many while trying to get to the bathroom. It is always safer to ask for help.

How can you prevent falls?

  • Ask for assistance from the nursing staff, especially at night.
  • Keep your call button near you.
  • Report any spills or objects that are on the floor.
  • Wear footwear with rubber soles to prevent slipping.
  • Make sure that you have adequate light to see. If you wear glasses, keep them within reach.
  • Some medications may cause you to frequent the bathroom more often. Work with the nursing staff to schedule time to use the bathroom every two hours. Ask for help before getting up or out of bed.
  • Some patients become confused or agitated while in the hospital. Occasionally, protective devices (such as side rails, safety mitts, or vests) may be needed to keep you safe.