Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Bariatric Surgery Program: COVID-19 Update

A message from Dr. Thadeus Trus, Director of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebanon Bariatric Surgery Program:

During this unprecedented time requiring social isolation, many have asked about their bariatric surgery or the ability to enroll in the program. I am pleased to let you know we have resumed bariatric surgery appointments and have also started performing bariatric surgery at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Introductory classes remain virtual but are now twice per month. Our team is trying to reschedule the patients that have been cancelled due to COVID-19 and new patient appointments are now also being scheduled.

For patients who have had surgery and have scheduled follow-up appointments, you do not need to come to the hospital if you do not feel comfortable doing so. Our team can schedule telehealth or phone follow-up visits for you if you wish. You can reach us by calling our office.

For surgery patients who are having problems such as pain, vomiting, or other complications after surgery you can still reach us by phone and/or myDH, and we will offer advice and decide if you need to be seen. Please reach out through myDH or call the clinic. To reach the nurses to discuss your problem, call 603-653-9800. If you need to be seen, we will see you in the clinic or instruct you to go to the emergency room if necessary.

If you are a new patient interested in bariatric surgery, we do not have any in hospital information sessions currently scheduled. We have web-based introductory sessions twice a month, which will allow you to register and get started with the program. We can now schedule your new visits by phone. Please call our office.

Stay safe, stay inside, and wash your hands frequently.


Thadeus L. Trus, MD