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Step Seven: Evaluations

Your first evaluation appointments with the Bariatric Surgery team will be made after you have completed Steps One through Six.

First appointments

These will include time with the Bariatric Surgery Program nurse practitioner and dietitian. At the first visit, prior dieting attempts, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes will be reviewed by the dietitian. Your medical and surgical history will be reviewed by the nurse practitioner, and an assessment of the need for any additional testing and evaluations will be made. Our goal is to make your surgery as safe as possible. You will have a brief physical exam. An assessment will me made as to your readiness to proceed with surgery.

Follow up with the nurse practitioner and dietitian

You will then have follow-up visits with the dietitian and nurse practitioner. At the second visits, the dietitian will review the pre-operative and post-operative diets and vitamin and mineral supplementation. The nurse practitioner will review the results of any additional testing and evaluations since your initial visit, and review the risks and benefits of surgery.

Some patients may need additional visits with the dietitian and/or nurse practitioner.

Surgical consultation

After you have met program and your insurer-specific requirements, and have completed any additional testing/evaluations, and the Team has determined that you are ready to proceed, you will be given an appointment with one of the bariatric surgeons for final approval for surgery (after you have completed Steps One through Six).

At your surgical consultation, the bariatric surgeon will discuss with you the risks and benefits of bariatric surgery. After meeting with the surgeon, all pertinent information is sent to your insurer for approval.

Surgery date and pre-operative class

An operative date will be determined after approval from your insurer. A two-hour pre-operative class to review important information will also be scheduled.

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