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Meet the Donor Staff

Emmanuel Ajavon, Supervisor of the Blood Donor Program and Cellular Therapy Center
Emmanuel began his work in this industry in 1999 at the New York Blood Center. While there, he worked as a Phlebotomist, Supervisor, and Instructional Designer, while working as a Nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Emmanuel then moved to a senior management position at Community Blood Services in New Jersey where he oversaw all clinical operations for the organization and later became the director of Donor Services at Central Jersey Blood Center. At Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Emmanuel loves working in an upbeat and uplifting environment that promotes continuous learning and provides top notch care for blood donors and patients.

Susan Braley
Sue has been with the program since 2007. Her role as secretary offers her the opportunity to develop relationships with the donors and patients that come through the program while helping keep the staff organized. Her favorite part of her job: seeing the donors who give from their hearts to save a patient's life.

Christi-Lynn Martin, RN
Christi-Lynn came to DHMC in 2004 as a new RN. She worked with inpatient bone marrow transplant patients until 2010, at which time she joined the program staff. She enjoys helping volunteer blood donors and caring for the apheresis patients.

Carolyn Hofmann, RN, CNN
Carolyn has been a nurse since 1980. She spent 20 years of her career working in dialysis, moving from Connecticut to DHMC in 2004. In 2007, Carolyn transitioned her dialysis skills and joined the program, where she works with donors and patients receiving apheresis treatments.

Teresa Didehbani, RN
Teresa is the newest member of the team, arriving in 2008. Her six-year nursing career at DHMC has included areas such as medical/surgical and research. She enjoys being part of the balance of working with both donors and patients.

Marcia Stone, PBT (ASCP)
Marcia came to the program in 2004 and possesses over 25 years of phlebotomy experience. As the former supervisor of the Blood Drawing Lab, she oversaw more than 400 draws daily. Now, she enjoys getting to know the life-saving donors who come in every day.

Rachel Kidder
Rachel began her career at DHMC, working in the Blood Drawing Lab, in 1999. "Drawing" on her phlebotomy skills, she transitioned to the program in 2006. She enjoys working with, and cares, about every donor and patient who comes through our doors.

Pam Hannigan, RN
Pam worked as a dialysis nurse from 1990 until 2013, when she joined the program. She enjoys being part of the team dedicated to caring for blood donors and apheresis patients.

Patricia Ward, RN
Patricia has over twenty five years of nursing experience. Most recently, she worked in Vascular Access Services here at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, where she and her fellow colleagues took care of PICC line placements and IV Access throughout DHMC. Patricia enjoys being part of the Blood Donor Programs dedicated team of nurses caring for the apheresis patients and blood donors.

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