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Breast Surgery

The breast surgery team strives to treat you as a whole patient, not a disease, and we strongly encourage patient and family participation in informed decision making and care. Our team is available to answer all your questions and concerns.

Benign Breast Disease

We treat many types of benign breast disease. Benign breast conditions are very common and usually do not lead to cancer. Breast lumps, infection, certain types of nipple discharge, and pain are evaluated and treated on an individual basis.

High Risk Clinic

Certain findings in the breast and/or a family history of various cancers may place you at a higher risk for breast cancer. Some lesions in your breast may require biopsy or surgery to provide more information to your surgeon. We use a team based approach alongside our radiologists to coordinate and closely monitor your breast health. Information is provided about how to modify your lifestyle and reduce your risk for breast cancer. We work closely with our familial cancer program to determine whether consultation with a genetics counselor would better stratify your risk. Our Familial Risk Assessment Program can assess whether you are at risk for a gene alteration that can increase your lifetime risk for breast cancer. We also collaborate with our medical oncology colleagues at Norris Cotton cancer Center to determine whether there is any benefit to taking medications that may help reduce your risk of breast cancer.

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