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Diagnostic Imaging

If your screening mammogram suggests that you need further testing or you are found to have a breast problem by you or your provider, we have a full range of diagnostic tests to help find you an answer as soon as possible.

We will perform a thorough breast evaluation, which may include:

  • Additional imaging with mammography and/or breast ultrasound
  • Same day minimally invasive biopsy – a sampling procedure performed through a skin nick to diagnose the problem as needed. This happens in less than 10 percent of women who present with a breast problem.
  • A discussion about which type of screening or diagnostic test is best for you.

To provide you with helpful health information related to our diagnostic tests, please refer to the following articles on our Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthwise® Health Encyclopedia website:

  • Breast Ultrasound: High resolution images are made from soundwaves to help the Breast Radiologist diagnose a lump or abnormality seen on the mammogram.
  • Breast MRI is helpful to screen women at a higher risk for breast cancer. This higher risk may be related to a strong family history of breast or other cancers, or an inherited "genetic" abnormality among other things. It is also helpful if you are diagnosed with breast cancer to identify the process most accurately. Breast MR uses radio waves in a magnetic field to generate images. For more information, refer to this Breast MRI topic.
  • Minimally Invasive Biopsy: The breast radiologist may advise a sampling procedure called minimally invasive biopsy that is done through a small nick in the skin after numbing the tissues. The minimally invasive biopsy can be done with mammography, ultrasound, or even MR guidance. It is often done at the same visit to promptly diagnose a breast problem.
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