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3-D Mammography Tomosynthesis

3-D digital mammography is a breast imaging exam that improves the accuracy of mammography. In women having screening, 3-D digital mammography may be done along with a traditional 2-D digital mammography exam. Sometimes, 3-D mammography may be used to evaluate an abnormality like a breast lump. The 3-D mammogram is very similar to a 2-D mammogram. However, with 3-D mammography the X-ray tube moves and a series of mini X-ray exposures are obtained, creating a digital data set, which is then reconstructed into 1 millimeter thick slices or layers. The radiologist views each individual layer of the breast rather than a shadow of the entire breast. As a result, radiologists can detect breast cancer that was hidden by overlying tissue and that may mimic cancer and lead to a false alarm or unnecessary callback.

Benefits of 3-D mammography include:

  • Earlier detection of breast cancers that may otherwise be hidden by overlying tissue.
  • Greater accuracy in identifying the shape and location of abnormalities.
  • Fewer callbacks and helps distinguish harmless abnormalities from real cancers.

The 3-D mammography exams are recommended once you have discussed with your provider that the exam best meets your personal needs. 3-D mammography is offered at our ConcordKeene, Lebanon, Manchester and Nashua locations. Diagnostic breast biopsies for 3-D mammography can be performed at our Lebanon location.

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