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Hemoccult Test

This simple test checks for the presence of hidden blood in a patient's stool. You only need to send a small stool sample to a lab, using a special card. However, the test has its drawbacks.

  • The test will detect any blood found in the stool, including animal blood. For instance, eating a rare steak the day before the test may change the test results.
  • The test will show if you are bleeding inside your body, but it does not show the source of this bleeding
  • Hemoccults miss at least 60% of polyps in the large intestine. They also can fail to detect growths that have developed into cancer. This is why doctors often recommend a colonoscopy, or a flexible sigmoidoscopy, to check for polyps and colorectal cancer.
Hemmocult lable 

The Hemoccult stool sample test checks for blood in the patient's stool.

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