Mental Health Roundtable Sessions 4 -5b

Session 4: Navigating an Unpredictable Learning Environment

Will address lack of broadband/high-speed internet access in rural parts of New Hampshire and worries parents have for their kids and remote learning.

Participants include:

  • Amanda Isabelle, Mascoma School District Superintendent
  • Levi Skarupa, Sixth-grade student in Merrimack
  • Erica Wood, Sixth Grade Teacher at Chesterfield Central School

Session 4: timestamps

  • :46 - How educators are supporting students and families
  • 4:09 - Levi shares challenges he faced at the beginning of learning remotely
  • 4:53 - Balancing responsibilities as a teacher and a parent
  • 7:48 - Adapting to a hybrid style of learning
  • 8:39 - How to help children stay engaged and connected
  • 11:07 - Tips for parents working from home and assisting children on remote learning school days
  • 13:25 - How school districts are helping students with limited technology or broadband access
  • 17:23 - How schools help manage the transition from remote to in-person learning
  • 19:32 - Advice for kids adjusting and learning in a hybrid learning environment

Session 5A: Overcoming Challenges of Changing Learning Environments: Part One

Will address the emotional challenges teens face when they go to school remotely.

Participants include:

  • Julie Balaban, MD, Child and Adolescent psychiatrist at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Section Chief, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • John Broderick, Senior Director of External Affairs at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health
    • Formerly served as the Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court
    • He created the REACT Mental Health Awareness Campaign, sponsored by D-H. He speaks to students, parents, educators, and professionals to change the conversation on mental health and help reduce the stigma.
  • Frank Edelblut, Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education
    • Frank Edelblut was sworn in as commissioner on February 16, 2017. The commissioner is responsible for the organizational goals of the department and represents the public interest in the administration of the functions of the department of education. The commissioner is responsible to the governor, the general court, and the public for such administration

Session 5a: timestamps

  • 8:37-9:00 - Julie Balaban, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dartmouth-Hitchcock shares advice and tips
  • 11:17-11:40 - John Broderick, Senior Director of External Affairs, Dartmouth-Hitchcock offers advice to kids
  • 17:05-17:31 - Frank Edelblut, Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Education shares observations and tips

Session 5a resources

Session 5B: Overcoming Challenges of Changing Learning Environments: Part Two

Will address additional challenges teens face due to the transition from remote to hybrid to in-person school.

Participants include:

  • Emily Galeva, 2020 graduate of Lebanon High School
  • Aaron Silvestre, Senior at Goffstown High School
  • Erik Shessler, MD, Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and President of the New Hampshire Pediatric Society
  • Jason Strniste, Principal at Bishop Guertin High School in Nashua
Graphic illustrating the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Heads Up virtual roundtable series