Uploading Your Vaccine Card to Your Medical Record

You can upload your COVID-19 vaccination card easily to myDH. By uploading your vaccination card, you'll always have access to your vaccination status.

Once you’ve uploaded your vaccination card, you'll have a unique QR code in your account and right on your mobile device. You can show the QR code at participating locations that require you to share your COVID-19 vaccination status.

To upload your vaccination card:

  1. Log into myDH.
  2. From the Menu drop-down list, select COVID-19 under the My Record section.
    The COVID-19 window appears.
  3. Select Enter Vaccine Details to display the COVID-19 vaccination questionnaire.
  4. Choose the manufacturer of the vaccine you were given.
  5. Follow the question prompts and answer all of the questions.
  6. Click Add a Document.
    A new window appears that allows you to attach a copy of your vaccination card. This is just like adding a file to an email.
  7. After you’ve added the information, click Continue.
  8. Review your information and make changes if necessary by clicking the blue pencil icon to the right of your responses. 
  9. When you are done, click the Submit button.