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Randomized Trial Evaluating Treatment for Cannabis Use Disorders among those who Use Tobacco
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Budney, Alan
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Approximately 50% of persons seeking treatment for cannabis-use disorders (CUDs) regularly smoke tobacco. Combining tobacco with cannabis has become a common method of smoking cannabis. Similarities of use, and using together, can make quitting difficult. Stopping tobacco simultaneously with cannabis may be beneficial. Little scientific information currently addresses how to best target tobacco smoking during treatment for CUDs. Our long-term goal is to develop an effective protocol for intervening in tobacco smoking without changing cannabis outcomes. This protocol reflects the planned Stage 1, proof-of-concept study that will compare a combined cannabis and tobacco intervention to one that targets CUD only. Hypotheses assert that the intervention (1) will be accepted by the majority of eligible participants (2) will result in more tobacco quit attempts and rates than the CUD-only treatment; and (3) will not adversely affect cannabis outcomes. Last, the project will evaluate the potential of specific moderators of outcomes to predict outcomes and inform subsequent treatment development efforts. If the hypotheses were confirmed, dissemination of this protocol would reduce adverse psychosocial and health consequences of tobacco or cannabis dependence. Findings will inform future development of prevention and intervention strategies. 
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