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Your Emotional Health

Often the social, emotional, and psychological impacts of cystic fibrosis can seem as daunting as the physical symptoms. Our team of social workers and a psychologist work together to help patients with CF and their families deal with these important psychosocial issues. 

A diagnosis of CF might raise a variety of feelings and emotions, including:

  • Concern—for one's well-being
  • Resentment—for the time and attention required
  • Fear—of the unknown
  • Guilt—for inheriting a disease from one's parents
  • Anger—that this has happened
  • Worry—about the future

Our psychosocial team can help by:

  • Enhancing communication between the family and other health care providers
  • Teaching a patient or family ways to cope with the stress of chronic illness
  • Helping to obtain financial assistance
  • Preparing a patient for the transition to adult care
  • Identifying stress which might benefit from professional attention

Although CF affects a patient physically and emotionally, people with CF can and do lead happy, active, and fulfilling lives.


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