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Connected Care: Bringing Health Care to You

The best care in the right place at the right time, every time, has long been a pledge of Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Now, with advances in communication technologies, Dartmouth-Hitchcock is fulfilling that pledge in ways that were once unimaginable.

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  • A stroke victim at a community hospital can be evaluated virtually by a Dartmouth-Hitchcock vascular neurologist—with the assistance of local providers—and immediately prescribed lifesaving medication without losing critical time during a helicopter or ambulance transport.
  • A patient with disabling arthritis can consult with their Dartmouth-Hitchcock rheumatologist from the comfort of their local doctor’s office using real-time video.
  • A Dartmouth-Hitchcock neonatologist can monitor a critically ill infant during an ambulance transport using real-time video and provide up-to-date instructions and advice to the transport team.

These are just a few of the ways that Dartmouth-Hitchcock Connected Care is employing communications technology to reimagine the delivery of health care. But this is just a start. Much more is possible and needed to create a sustainable health system—a system that makes care more accessible, less costly, and more effective.

A wide range of gifts can help advance telehealth initiatives at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and bring telehealth services to patients across the region, in their own communities and homes. Philanthropy is critical to expanding telehealth options for patients and to fulfilling the promise of telehealth making care more accessible, less costly, and more effective.

For more information, please contact

Dorothy Behlen Heinrichs
Senior Associate Director of Principal Gifts
Office of Development
Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the Geisel School of Medicine
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