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Polycystic Ovarian Disease Multidisciplinary Clinic

Phone: (603) 653-9240

Polycystic ovarian disease (PCO) is a condition that affects a woman's ovaries, the two female reproductive organs that produce eggs and hormones. It causes a woman's ovaries to grow larger than normal and develop cysts (small fluid-filled sacs). The condition can result in infertility, unwanted hair growth, and the loss of menstruation. PCO affects five to ten percent of reproductive-aged women.

Specialists in our clinic treat the gynecological and hormonal problems associated with PCO. Our team includes a gynecologist, an endocrinologist, a nutritionist, and nursing professionals.


  • Comprehensive clinical, endocrine, and ultrasound assessment of PCO diagnosis
  • Medical and surgical treatment of women with PCO for fertility problems
  • Management with drug and surgical therapy to promote fertility, reduce hair growth, and promote normal menses
  • Counseling about weight reduction and diabetes prevention
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