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Program Structure

HOBSCOTCH consists of 2 visits in person at the beginning and the end of the program and 6 telephone sessions, with each session lasting 45-60 minutes.  The program is designed to be completed over 3 months.

In each personal and telephone visit, participants will learn memory skills and strategies, then practice these skills and apply problem-solving techniques in everyday, real-life situations between visits. 

The components of HOBSCOTCH include:

  1. Education to teach basics of memory function, normal memory problems and factors related to seizure-related cognitive problems,
  2. Self-awareness training emphasizing awareness of the multiple influences that affect memory and attention,
  3. Compensatory strategies or skills training to “compensate” for cognitive functions that may affected,
  4. Problem Solving Therapy will provide the participant with skills to systematically work through memory related difficulties and other problems faced.
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