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Before your appointment

It is important that your health care team knows about any medications you take. This includes:

  • Prescription medicines
  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Dietary supplements, such as vitamins and herbs.

Your Family Medicine provider must also know about any allergies and adverse reactions you've had to medicines.

When a medication is prescribed for you, we encourage you to ask the following questions:

  • What is the medicine for?
  • How should I take it and for how long?
  • What side effects are likely?
  • What do I do if I have any side effects?
  • Is this medicine safe to take with other medicines or dietary supplements?
  • What food, drink, or activities should I avoid while I'm using this medicine?

When you pick up your medication, ask your pharmacist:

  • To confirm that this is the medicine your doctor prescribed
  • For advice about the best device for measuring your liquid medicine. Special devices such as marked syringes can help you measure the right dose.
  • For written information about the side effects your medicine can cause. This will help you be prepared, and let you know ahead of time if any side effects require medical attention.

Renewing your prescription

At the time of your office visit, please ask your healthcare provider to renew your prescription(s). Allow 48 hours for your prescription to be processed.

Please note: If you call after 3:00 pm on a Friday, or on the weekend, your prescription will not be completed until the following Tuesday.


Contact the office at (603) 695-2572.


Contact the office at (603) 226-6108.


Call (603) 354-5400 and ask to be connected to your physician's office or call the prescription renewal line directly for the following Family Medicine Teams or offices:

  • Team A (603) 354-6541
  • Team B (603) 354-6551
  • Team C (603) 354-6561
  • Team D (603) 354-6555
  • Walpole (603) 756-3939
  • Winchester (603) 239-8500
  • The Family Medicine Center (603) 354-6705


Contact the office at (603) 650-4000.


Contact the office at (603) 629-1870 and follow the phone menu instructions for prescription renewal.

Manchester - Elm Street

Contact the office at (603) 622-4200.


Contact the office at (603) 577-4200.

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