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About the Hand Clinic

At Dartmouth-Hitchcock, our mission is to advance health through research, education, clinical practice and community partnerships, providing each person the best care, in the right place, at the right time, every time.

To achieve this, we have instituted an operational philosophy called "shared decision making" that asks patients, along with their family, to actively participate in making their healthcare decisions.

  • After consultation and confirming a diagnosis, we meet with the patient and any family members they wish to include to fully discuss the benefits and risks of each treatment option. Together, we take into consideration the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of each individual to reach the best decision and, ultimately, the best outcome.
  • Whenever possible, our staff tries to coordinate patient appointments so that they happen on a single day—from needed scans to testing to clinic visits.
  • Shared Medical Appointments (SMA) reduce the number of appointments patients have to attend, so they can make the most of each visit. During an SMA, patients who are experiencing the same condition come together for an interactive educational session, and meet one-on-one with their surgeon. Patients like SMAs because they learn from other patients who ask questions they may not have thought of, and they receive personalized attention from the surgeon as well.
  • Patients have free access to our Health Education Center, Center for Shared Decision Making, and Patient & Family Relations resources for support along the way.
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