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Hand Conditions: Educational Videos

Basal Joint Arthritis

Watch this video to learn about basal joint arthritis, the variety of techniques we use to relieve symptoms, and how we partner with you to pick the best treatment option.

Common Hand Problems

Watch this video to learn about common hand problems with a special emphasis on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Distal Radius Fractures

Watch this video to hear Dr. Warhold describe the treatment options for Distal Radius Fractures. Plus, learn about advancements in using the plating/screw approach to allow you to use your hand immediately.

Scaphoid Fractures

Watch this video to see what a scaphoid fracture looks like and hear Dr. Warhold describe a procedure that does not require casting.

Trigger Finger

Watch this video to learn what it is like to live with trigger finger and the risks and benefits of non-surgical treatment options versus surgery.

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