Obstetric Safety Initiative Education and Training

Electronic fetal monitoring curriculum

Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) is at the heart of nearly half of all obstetric malpractice cases in this country. The Obstetric Safety Initiative is making available a course specifically designed to improve care and reduce claims. Uniform, verifiable EFM education and training for all your obstetric staff is essential.

This online course is offered by Advanced Practice Strategies, LLC, with Healthstream, Inc. To participate contact us.

Drills and simulation curriculum

  • Plans are underway for an organized program of drills, simulation and team training for obstetric nurses, midwives and doctors.
  • Many in our region use the Dartmouth Health Children's Resource Card. We are developing a similar "Obstetric Resource Card" for providers. Please email victoria.flanagan@hitchcock.org with your suggestions or requests for content.
  • Recurrent Obstetric Management Mistakes Identified by Simulation: The results of a training program at the Israeli Center for Medical Simulation
  • Emergency Cesarean Section and Simulation: In 2003, the Northern New England Perinatal Quality Improvement Network developed an approach to improving emergency cesarean deliveries.

Regional obstetric RN orientation curriculum

We are looking for a few good nurses to lead this project. Contact us for more information.