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Liver Transplant

Dartmouth-Hitchcock provides state of the art care for patients with end stage liver disease (cirrhosis or failing livers).  There is an organ shortage for patients who are in need of a liver transplant. Our goal at Dartmouth is to provide patients and their families the best chance to get on a liver transplant list, keep them healthy while they wait for liver transplant and refer the patient to one of our partner programs that gives the best chance to receive a liver. Coming to Dartmouth gives a patient and their family many options for a transplant not just one.

End Stage Liver Disease Referral Process

Patients with end stage liver disease are referred for an initial evaluation.  Disease status, current management of the primary liver disease and complications of liver disease will be assessed.  Those too early for liver transplantation will be given a management plan which includes surveillance for Hepatocellular Carcinoma and portal hypertension.

Patients considered to require a liver transplant will be scheduled for a full liver transplantation evaluation.  This extensive testing can usually be completed in 2 days.  Once completed the patients will meet with the provider to discuss the results and determine if further testing is required.

Our patients and their families become educated as we help them navigate through the process and find the transplant program that best fits their situation.  The transplant coordinator will act as their liaison for medical care.

End Stage Liver Disease Candidate

Upon completion of the liver transplant evaluation and resolution of all potential psychosocial issues the liver transplant coordinator will forward it along with all pertinent medical information to liver transplant facility that best fits the patients’ needs and situation. Once listed for transplant, patients will be followed at Dartmouth Hitchcock with all required testing preformed on designated intervals needed to keep them active on the transplant list.

Dartmouth Hitchcock's Liver Transplant services provides patients in our region with the greatest opportunity to receive a lifesaving liver transplant in a program that is the best fit for their particular needs and disease state.  Our services also allow patients to receive their pre and post-transplant care in a patient oriented rural center with easy access to the facility and parking.