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Neurology Memory Clinic Treatments and Services

Your initial evaluation helps us understand the factors or conditions causing changes in your memory or behavior. During this evaluation we will:

  • Review your medical records
  • Interview you to gather a detailed history of symptoms
  • Give you a physical and neurological (brain function) examination
  • Refer you to other departments for additional tests, if needed

Neurology Memory Clinic tests

As part of your evaluation, we may perform or refer you for the following tests:

  • Cognitive (memory) testing
  • Laboratory testing
  • Neuroimaging testing including:

Neurology Memory Clinic treatments

We provide the following treatments:

  • Medical management: Our team can help decide what types of medications may be helpful to keep your symptoms under control.
  • Referrals: We may refer you to other departments within Dartmouth-Hitchcock to help with your symptoms.
  • Occupational and other therapy: Occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists can help you maintain your everyday function and language or voice control.
  • Cognitive (nemory) testing: We may do some memory testing at your appointments.
  • Neuropsychological testing: In some cases, we may need to refer you for in-depth neuropsychological testing.
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