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Other Team Members

Clinic Team

Sarah Murphy
Administrative Assistant
Sarah schedules new patient consultations and responds to patients' inquiries.

Leigh Smith
Leigh schedules follow up appointments for the MS Center

Kimberly Birney, RN
Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Clinical Trials Team

Catherine Andrews, RN
Clinical Research Nurse for MS and Neurology
Catherine manages patients' visits and care for clinical trials.

Charlotte Jeffreys
Research Assistant
Charlotte manages patients' visits and care for clinical trials.

Laboratory of Neuroimmunology (LONI)

Andrew Pachner, MD

Francesca Gilli, PhD

Krista DiSano, PhD

Darlene Royce
Research Assistant

Clinical Imaging

Clifford J. Belden, MD
Chair of Radiology Department. Assistant Professor of Radiology, Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth

Clifford J. Eskey, MD, PhD
Director of Neuroradiology. Associate Professor of Radiology, Neurology & Surgery, Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth

Neuroimaging Research in MS (Department of Psychiatry)

Heather Wishart, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

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