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About Our Teams

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Obstetrician/gynecologist team

Our team is led by board-certified obstetricians, nurse practitioners, and gynecologists who have extensive experience in caring for both uncomplicated and high-risk pregnancies.

The team includes resident physicians who are doing specialized training in obstetrics and gynecology. They will participate in your care under the direct supervision of an attending physician.

If you have risks during pregnancy due to certain health conditions, our obstetricians work with specialists from our High-Risk Pregnancy team.

At any time, at least two physicians are available for labor and delivery, and to help women with urgent problems.

Nurse-Midwife Service

We have offered compassionate, state-of-the-art pregnancy and childbirth care for over 20 years. Our team was recognized nationally in 2005 for the excellence and longevity of our services.

DHMC's Nurse Midwife Service has provided individualized, expert care to women and their families since 1983. Our midwives are experts at pregnancy and childbirth, and they also help couples transition into becoming a family.

We work together to meet your needs for a safe and satisfying pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. A midwife is available at the Birthing Pavilion to provide 24-hour in-hospital coverage for labor, delivery, and triage, and to respond to urgent matters during pregnancy.

Our group's guiding principle is rooted in the midwifery philosophy that birth is a normal process. However, if you have risks during pregnancy due to certain health conditions, we will work with specialists from our High-Risk Pregnancy team through consultation, collaboration or referral, in accordance with the Standards for the Practice of Midwifery.

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