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About the Prenatal Diagnosis Program

The Prenatal Diagnosis Program is a highly specialized group of genetic counselors, sonographers, radiologists and maternal fetal medicine doctors (high-risk obstetricians) who work together to provide patients and couples the best care possible.

If you have particular concerns about your present or future pregnancies, or if your pregnancy care team has suggested that you see us, we can help diagnose conditions that may affect you or your baby. You are welcome to meet with us even before you get pregnant.

All pregnant women are offered the option of screening tests to determine whether they are at a higher risk to have a baby with certain types of birth defects. You may choose to take additional diagnostic tests depending on your age; ultrasound findings; and family, health, and pregnancy histories.

If you have an abnormal test result, you may speak to one of our genetic counselors. They can discuss what this means for you and your options of further testing or pregnancy management. It is entirely your decision whether to have further testing, or how to manage your pregnancy.

We provide care in Lebanon, Manchester and Nashua, New Hampshire.

About Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling is focused time to:

  • Review family, medical and pregnancy history
  • Discuss risks, concerns and testing options
  • Concentrate on your needs, beliefs, and decision making

You may wish to meet with one of our genetic counselors if you:

  • Have a personal or family history of a genetic issue, infertility or a pregnancy issue, such as birth defects, miscarriages, or stillbirths
  • Are trying to decide whether to have any prenatal tests
  • Have had an abnormal prenatal test
  • Have, or are at risk of having, certain high-risk conditions during pregnancy
  • Are concerned after having taken a particular medication or had a particular exposure in this pregnancy
  • Are of an ethnic background that places your baby at a higher risk for certain genetic conditions
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